Browsing Your Applications in the Veracode Platform

Getting Started with Veracode

The All Applications page shows a list of the application profiles to which you have access. You can view information about the applications, view older scans, find applications, view statuses, and check next actions for applications.

To view the list of applications to which you have access, click All Applications on the homepage.

You can also view a list of your applications with the Applications REST API.

Find Applications

You can either search by name or use the application list filters to find an application or scan.

Search by Application Name

From the search bar, you can perform keyword searches for the names of the applications to which you have access. Searches are not case-sensitive. The search filter is persistent until you clear it or you log out.

Use Advanced Filters

You can filter your applications by several categories, including policy compliance, business unit, scan status, scan type, and metadata tags. To apply a filter, click Advanced Filters, select the values by which you want to filter the applications, and, then, click Apply.

Applied filters persist across Veracode Platform sessions. To remove filters, click the close button to remove them individually or click Clear Filters to remove them all.

Set Table Columns

You can select which columns appear in the table and select their order. To change which columns appear, click Set Columns, select the columns you want to include or clear the columns you want to remove, and, then, click Apply. To change the order of a column, select the column header and drag it to a new position.

Edits to the columns persist across Veracode Platform sessions. To revert changes, click Set Columns, select Restore defaults, and, then, click Apply.

Edit Application Profiles

To access an application profile from the All Applications page, click the Actions menu of an application in the table and select Edit/Delete Application. For instructions on editing the profile, see Edit an Application Profile.