Package Applications with the Veracode Mobile Application Packager


You can submit your iOS application to Veracode. Veracode requires that you package your application as a ZIP file, which contains debug (dSYM) information for the application and any other information that is relevant to the new structure. The Veracode Mobile Application Packager helps you more easily package your iOS application for analysis.

Before you can use the Veracode Mobile Application Packager, you must:

As an alternative to using the Veracode Mobile Application Packager to package your application, you can follow the iOS Packaging Guidance.

To package iOS applications with the Veracode Mobile Application Packager:

  1. Open your Xcode project.
  2. From the Xcode menu bar, select Product > Archive to create an archive for that project.
  3. Open the Veracode Mobile Application Packager.
  4. Select an application from the Applications list.
  5. Select the archive you want to package and click Create Package.
    This action generates a ZIP file, which is available in ~/Documents/MobileApplicationPackager, or the custom location set in the preferences.
You can now upload your iOS application to Veracode for analysis. Review Requesting a Static Scan for detailed instructions on submitting an application for analysis.