Package Applications with the Mobile Application Packager Command-Line Tool


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You can use the Veracode Mobile Application Packager Command-Line Tool to compile and package XCWORKSPACE and XCODEPROJ files or package XCARCHIVE files from Xcode projects into ZIP files. The command-line tool compiles and packages files with the required structure for submission to Veracode in an automated environment.


  1. Open a command-line window.

  2. Enter a command with the appropriate packaging action and configuration options for the file type you want to package:

    • To compile and package your iOS application with the required Veracode settings, enter vcxcodepkg -b=~{MyProjectFile}. For example:

      vcxcodepkg -b=~/MyProject.xcodeproj --noui --logfile=~/Desktop/log.log
    • If you have already compiled your application as an XCARCHIVE file, enter vcxcodepkg -a=~{MyArchiveFile} to package the file in the structure Veracode requires. For example:

      vcxcodepkg -a=~/MyArchive.xcarchive --verbose

    When the action completes, results are available at ~/Documents/MobileApplicationPackager/.