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Schedule a one-time Dynamic Analysis

You can schedule a Dynamic Analysis in the Veracode Platform to run only one time. When you are ready to run the analysis, you can start it immediately or schedule it to run on a date up to 90 days in the future. You can also configure the analysis to run on a recurring schedule.

You can also a schedule an analysis with the REST API.

Before you begin:

Ensure you have:

  • A Veracode account with the Creator, Submitter, or Security Lead role.
  • If you want your analysis to automatically pause when it encounters an authentication error, your account must have the Auto-Pause feature. You can configure the analysis to resume automatically or manually. To enable this feature, contact Veracode Technical Support.
  • Created a Dynamic Analysis of a web application or API and selected Schedule at the bottom of the page in the Veracode Platform.

To complete this task:

  1. On the Dynamic Analysis Schedule and Prescan page, for Frequency, select Once.

  2. If you are configuring an existing analysis that has already run, and you want to run it again using the updated schedule, select Scan again with this configuration and updated start date and time. If you are creating a new analysis, you do not see this option.

  3. Optionally, to run a prescan before the analysis starts, turn on Prescan. Because a prescan requires two hours to run, the start time must be at least two hours in the future, or Prescan is disabled. After you update the start time, Prescan is enabled.

  4. For Start, select the date and time when you want the analysis to start.

  5. For Analysis Duration, enter the maximum number of hours or days that you want the analysis to run.

  6. In the Pause and Resume section, if your account has the Auto-Pause feature, you see the Pause automatically and resume option. If your account does not have this feature, you see an Off option, and you can ignore this step.

    Select one of the following options:

    • manually: the analysis remains paused until you fix the error and resume it manually. The default.
    • automatically: after you fix the error, you must wait for the analysis to resume. You cannot resume the analysis manually. The analysis resumes during the next scheduled run.
  7. To schedule the analysis to pause automatically, so that it only runs on specific days or during specific times, select Pause. Then, select from the following options:

    • on these days: pause the analysis on the selected days.
    • during this period: pause the analysis every day during the selected period.
    • on these days, during these periods: pause the analysis on the selected days, during the selected periods.

    The analysis resumes automatically, outside the configured pause schedule.

  8. Optionally, to review a summary of the schedule, select Preview Schedule.

  9. To save the schedule and continue to the next steps, select Review and Submit.