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Update Dynamic Analysis authentication settings

You can add or update your login credentials in a Dynamic Analysis for accessing the web applications or APIs at the specified URLs.

To complete this task:

  1. Sign in to the Veracode Platform.
  2. Select Scans & Analysis > Dynamic Analysis.
  3. In the All Dynamic Analyses table, select the analysis you want to configure.
  4. In the URLs List or API Specifications List table, locate the web URL or API server you want to configure.
  5. In the Actions column, select Configure.
  6. In the Configure window, scroll to the Authentication section.
  7. Select Required, if not selected.
  8. For a web application, Auto-login is the default. Enter the username and password. For APIs or web applications that require additional authentication, such as basic authentication (browser-generated) or a login script (web applications only), select the checkbox for that option and enter the configuration settings. For a description of each option, see the following topics: