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View eLearning license usage

You can view a summary of eLearning seat usage, including a count of total eLearning seats purchased and assigned, and of all used eLearning seats.

Assigning the eLearning role to a user consumes one of your purchased eLearning seats when a learner starts a course by selecting an assigned course. If a learner does not launch any courses, you can assign the role to another user. You can only assign as many roles as you have purchased seats. If a learner leaves your organization and you delete their account, the seat reopens and you can assign it to a new learner.

To complete this task:

  1. In the Veracode Platform, from the gear icon , select Admin. The Administration page opens.
  2. Select the eLearning tab.


You can view these details about your eLearning seats:

  • Track Name: the collection of courses to which the learner has access, based on the options your organization purchased.
  • Total Seats in Subscription: the total number of seats your organization purchased.
  • Users with Track Assigned/Total Seats: the number of seats in this track that are currently assigned to learners, compared to the number of seats your organization purchased.
  • Seats Used: the number of eLearning seats your organization consumed.
  • Seats Used by Active Users: the number of seats consumed by learners who have active accounts in the Veracode Platform. You cannot reassign these seats to other learners.
  • Seats Used by Deleted Users: the number of seats consumed by learners whose accounts were deleted by the Veracode Platform. If the learner did use any eLearning resources, Veracode automatically releases these seats.
  • Users Set to Auto-Extend: the number of learners set to auto-extend, a feature that automatically renews the learner seat when the organization renews its subscription.