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Getting Started with Veracode

Getting Started with Veracode
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You can use the Veracode user documentation to answer questions, solve problems, and learn about Veracode products and services.

You can access the Veracode documentation through the question mark icon in the top-right corner of the Veracode Platform or by going to The documentation is organized by a collection of books, or publications, which contain individual topic pages.

  1. From, enter a search term and press Enter.

  2. To narrow your search, use the facets on the left. You can narrow your search by keyword or publication.

  3. To view a single topic, click Preview.

  4. To view the topic in the context of a book, click the topic link.

  5. To print a book or a topic, including saving as a PDF or other file format:

    a. For a book, click Print (printer icon) in the title bar. For a topic, click Print topics next to a topic title.

    b. In the Print topics window, select the topics to include or exclude, then click Print.

    c. In the print window for your browser, select the options for printing or saving as a specific file format, such as PDF.

  6. To provide feedback on the Veracode documentation, click Send feedback (quotation icon) next to a topic title.