Configure the API Credentials as Environment Variables on macOS and Linux

Getting Started with Veracode

Storing your Veracode API credentials is a one-time task, automating authentication with Veracode APIs, API wrappers, extensions, and plugins.

Before configuring a Veracode API credentials file:
  • You have generated Veracode API credentials.
  • Depending on your Veracode integration, you have added your Veracode API credentials to the [default] application profile. If you have an existing [greenlight] profile, delete it or rename it to [default].

To store your Veracode API credentials as macOS, Linux, or UNIX environment variables:

From the command line, enter:

$ export VERACODE_API_KEY_ID=<your_api_key_id>
$ export VERACODE_API_KEY_SECRET=<your_api_secret_key>