Add New Security Labs Users to a Standalone Account

Veracode Security Labs

You can request a standalone account with SSO access from Veracode Technical Support to directly associate Security Labs to the SAML gateway of your organization.

Before You Begin

You must be a Security Labs administrator to add new users to standalone accounts.


By default, Veracode associates Security Labs accounts with the Veracode Platform. If your organization accesses Security Labs in the Veracode Platform, follow the instructions in Create Security Labs Users from the Veracode Platform.

If you want to access Security Labs without going through the Veracode Platform, use a standalone account and the SAML gateway of your organization.

You can provision Security Labs users using SSO registration by:

Any users who make an authenticated SSO login request from an email address with a matching domain automatically register and join your account.


  1. Click your username in the top-right corner of the Security Labs page to open the menu.

  2. Select All users.

    The list of users for your organization opens.

  3. Scroll down to the add new users section.

  4. If you want to send an email notification to the new user, select the Send invitation emails checkbox. Optionally, customize the text of the invitation email in the text box.

  5. If you want your custom text to always appear in the text field when anyone with the Administrator role creates users for this team, select the Save this message checkbox.

  6. Click Add users.

    Veracode sends the email notifications to the new users and the new users appear in the list of all users.