Scan a File Using Veracode for VS Code

Veracode Greenlight

You can scan source files using Veracode for VS Code.

To start a Veracode Greenlight scan:
  1. Click Open Folder from the Visual Studio Code Explorer menu.
    Note: To avoid caching issues, do not attempt to initiate a scan of a file that is already open in the editor. Veracode recommends that you close the opened files and always re-open a folder from the activity bar.
  2. Select a file from the folder.
  3. Choose one of these options to start the scan:
    • Click the V icon.
    • Use the shortkey, Ctrl+Shift+\.
    • Right-click the file and select Scan with Greenlight from the dropdown menu.
    • Open the Command Palette and enter the Scan with Greenlight command.