Set Up the Agent-Based Scanning Maven Plugin

Veracode Software Composition Analysis

The Veracode Software Composition Analysis agent-based scanning Maven plugin allows you to automate the scanning of your Maven repositories. You can upload the results of plugin scans to Veracode for a specific organization or to your personal environment.

  1. In the Veracode Platform, select Scans & Analysis > Software Composition Analysis.
  2. Click the Agent-Based Scan tab.
  3. Select a workspace.
  4. Click Agents > Actions > Create > Maven.
  5. Click Create Agent & Generate Token.
  6. Choose to set your API token as an environment variable in the environment where you build your Maven repository, or add the token directly to the configuration within your pom.xml file:
    • Environment Configuration:
      • Run this command to set your API token to the SRCCLR_API_TOKEN environment variable:
        export SRCCLR_API_TOKEN=<apiToken>
        Note: If your shell supports it, you may want to prefix the command with a space to avoid leaving the token in your shell history.
      • Run this command in the root of your Maven project to start a scan:
        mvn clean compile com.srcclr:srcclr-maven-plugin:scan
    • pom.xml Configuration:
      • Edit your pom.xml file in the root directory and apply these changes:
                  <version><!-- Insert latest version --></version>
                      <!--- Add configuration details here-->

      After you save your changes to the pom.xml file, the agent-based scanning plugin automatically runs when you run any maven lifecycle phase later than verify, such as install or deploy.