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Remove a user in the Veracode Platform

There are two ways to remove user access from the system. You can temporarily deactivate the user using the Login Enabled field, or you can permanently delete a user from the Veracode Platform.


Removing a user who has not taken any eLearning courses returns their eLearning seat to the license pool. Removing a user who has already consumed eLearning courses or assessments does not affect their eLearning seat.

You can also remove a user with the Veracode Identity APIs.


You cannot undo the action of deleting a user. If you want to temporarily deactivate the user, select No in the Login Enabled field and, then, click Save.

Before you begin:

You must have the Administrator or Team Admin role.

To complete this task:

  1. Select the user in the Users tab on the Administration page.

  2. Click Delete User to remove the user.