Remove a User in the Veracode Platform

Veracode Administration

There are two ways to remove a user's access from the system. You can temporarily deactivate the user using the Login Enabled field, or you can permanently delete a user from the Veracode Platform.

Note: Removing a user who has not taken any eLearning courses returns their eLearning seat to the license pool. Removing a user who has already consumed eLearning courses or assessments does not affect their eLearning seat.

You can also remove a user with the Veracode Identity APIs.

  1. Select the user in the Users tab on the Administration page.
  2. Click Delete User to remove the user.
    Note: You cannot undo the action of deleting a user. If you want to temporarily deactivate the user, select No in the Login Enabled field and, then, click Save.