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Manage eLearning email notifications

You can manage which email notifications to send to eLearning learners and managers.

You can send an email message to learners and their managers when:

  • You assign the curriculum to learners.
  • You change the due date after you assign the curriculum.
  • The due date has passed and learners have not completed the curriculum.

These notification preferences apply to a specific curriculum. By default, all notifications are set to Off.

To complete this task:

  1. In the Veracode Platform, from the gear icon , select Admin. The Administration page opens.

  2. Go to eLearning > Settings and Curricula. The eLearning Curricula section lists the name and details for each curriculum.

  3. Select the edit icon to select the curriculum to modify. The Edit Curriculum page opens, showing the settings for the selected curriculum.

  4. Select the Notifications tab.

  5. Configure the following:

    • To send email notifications to learners and managers for each event, set the Email switch to On. To disable email notifications, set the Email switch to Off.
    • To send due date reminders to learners, set the Due Date Reminders switch to On. To disable due date reminders, set the switch to Off.
    • To send a due date reminder a specific number of days before a due date, enter a number in the Send a due date reminder field.
    • To repeat a due date reminder, select the Repeat every number days until due date checkbox. Then, enter a value in the field for the number of days.
  6. Select Save.