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Edit an eLearning curriculum

You can update the values of a curriculum, including the due date, compliance reset period, and whether courses are required.

Before you begin:

You must have the Administrator and eLearning roles to edit a curriculum.

To complete this task:

  1. In the Veracode Platform, from the gear icon , select Admin > eLearning > Settings and Curricula.

  2. Select the edit icon to select the curriculum to modify. The Edit Curriculum page opens, showing the settings for the selected curriculum.

  3. Modify values such as the Due Date, Compliance Reset Period, and whether specific courses are Required. You can change any due date type if the curriculum has no assigned learners.

    If the curriculum has assigned learners, you can only make these changes to due date types:

    • You can switch from None to Fixed with or without a compliance reset date. When you switch the due date from None to Fixed with a compliance reset date, that change pre-populates the compliance start date with the current date.
    • You can modify an existing fixed due date and a compliance reset date.
  4. Select OK.