Configure Mappings for Jira Priorities

Ticketing Systems

To map the Veracode flaw severities to your customized priorities in Jira:

  1. In Jira, select Administration > Manage apps > Severity Mappings.
  2. On the Veracode Integration Severity Mappings page, go to the JIRA Priority column.
  3. Click a dropdown menu and select the name of the Jira priority you want to map to the corresponding Veracode severity. In this example, the Very High severity is mapped to the default Highest priority.
  4. Repeat the previous step to map each severity to a priority.
  5. Click Save to save the mapping.
If the mapping is valid, you see a success message. If the mapping is invalid, you see an error message and the mapping fails to save.
You can now import security findings to Jira, which applies the mapping to new flaws.