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Configure a post-build action to resubmit Dynamic Analysis with freestyle builds

You can add a post-build action to your Jenkins freestyle project that submits your application for Dynamic Analysis.

Before you begin:

To complete this task:

  1. In your Jenkins freestyle project, go to the Post-build Actions section.

  2. From the Add post-build action dropdown menu, select Resubmit Veracode Dynamic Analysis.

  3. In the Analysis Name field enter the name of a Dynamic Analysis that already exists in the Veracode Platform.

  4. Enter the maximum duration, in hours, that you want the analysis to run.

  5. Select whether to fail the Jenkins build if the analysis fails.

  6. Select whether to use global credentials using your Veracode API credentials. If you select to use global credentials, continue to step 8.


    If you select to use global credentials, but have not configured them using the API service account credentials, the build fails.

  7. In the Veracode Credentials section, enter your Veracode API credentials.

  8. Select Apply to save your changes.

Next steps:

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