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Ignore Greenlight findings in Eclipse

If there are known findings in your code that continually appear in your Veracode Greenlight results, you can ignore them to temporarily remove them from the Greenlight results.

The ignore finding feature removes a finding from the list of all findings. You can show the finding again at any time. Veracode Greenlight ignores any repeated occurrences of an ignored finding in future scans and between IDE sessions. Ignored findings are only local to the developer and do not affect scans by other developers or any part of the application scan.

Before you begin:

You meet the Greenlight prerequisites.

To complete this task:

  1. In your IDE, select the Veracode Greenlight tab.

  2. Select the row for a finding you want to hide. Then, in the Actions column, click Ignore.

  3. In the Ignore Flaw window, review the details of the finding and click Ignore.

    The finding now appears in the Ignored subtab of the Veracode Greenlight tab of the IDE.

  4. To undo the Ignore action, go to the Ignored subtab, select the finding and, in the Actions column, click Show.