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Create an eLearning curriculum with a fixed due date

You can create fixed due dates that set a specific day by which all learners must complete a curriculum, and from which you can configure notifications to send to learners before and after.

The due date applies to required courses only. Fixed due dates do not change even if you add a learner to the curriculum at a later date. For example, if you add a new learner to a curriculum on January 1 with a fixed due date of January 2, the new learner has one day to complete the curriculum.

Before you begin:

Only Veracode eLearning administrators can create curricula. You must have the Administrator and eLearning roles to create a curriculum.

To complete this task:

  1. In the Veracode Platform, from the gear icon , select Admin > eLearning > Settings and Curricula.

  2. Select Add New Curriculum. The Add Curriculum page opens.

  3. Enter a name in the Curriculum Name field.

  4. From the Track dropdown menu, select a Veracode eLearning track. A page opens with a table of all courses included in the selected track.

  5. From the Due Date dropdown menu, select Fixed.

  6. Select the calendar icon to open a calendar and, then, select a date.

  7. Select courses to include in the curriculum:

    • To select one course at a time, select the checkbox next to a course name.
    • To select all courses in a track, select the Course Name checkbox in the table heading.
  8. Optionally, make the selected courses required for learners:

    • To make a single course required, select the Required checkbox next to a course name.
    • To make all selected courses required, select the Required checkbox in the table heading. If you do not make a course required, the course is optional.
  9. Select OK.


After you create the curriculum, the course listing shows courses as not started. Learners can access their course history by selecting Transcript on eLearning > My Courses.