Create a Dynamic Analysis with a Recurring Schedule Using the REST API

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You can use the Dynamic Analysis API to create an analysis that runs on a recurring schedule.

To complete this task:

  1. Enter values for the scan_config_request, schedule, and scan_recurrence_schedule properties in the JSON file.

  2. Run this command:

    http --auth-type=veracode_hmac POST "" < input.json

This is an example of the code to add to your call when you want to make your schedule a recurring event:

  "name": "Name-of-Your-Dynamic-Analysis",
  "scans": [
      "scan_config_request": {
        "target_url": {
          "url": ""
  "schedule": {
    "now": true,
    "duration": {
      "length": 1,
      "unit": "DAY"
    "end_date": "",
    "scan_recurrence_schedule": {
      "recurrence_type": "WEEKLY",
      "schedule_end_after": 2,
      "recurrence_interval": 1,
      "day_of_week": "FRIDAY"