Edit the Schedule of a Dynamic Analysis

Veracode APIs

Use this code to edit the schedule of a Dynamic Analysis.

To edit an existing schedule of an analysis:
  1. Find the analysis_id of the analysis you want to edit using https://api.veracode.com/was/configservice/v1/analyses?name={name}, where name is the name of the analysis you want to edit.
  2. Put the new schedule information in a PUT call to: https://api.veracode.com/was/configservice/v1/analyses/{analysis_id}?method=PATCH

This is an example payload in a PUT call to change the schedule of an analysis:

  "schedule": {
    "start_date": "2020-09-26T02:00+00:00",
    "duration": {
      "length": 3,
      "unit": "DAY"