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Download an eLearning history report

You can download an eLearning history report on the progress for only the learners you manage. History reports only show the most recent time a learner completed a course. For example, if you download a history report for a course with a compliance reset date that automatically reassigns a curriculum for compliance reasons, you cannot see all the dates on which a learner completed a course. If you need to save evidence that your learners complete the same courses with compliance reset dates more than once, Veracode recommends that you generate and download history reports before the end of each compliance period.

The report includes:

  • Learner names
  • Manager names
  • Course names
  • Curriculum
  • Curriculum start date
  • Track names
  • Whether courses are required
  • Course due dates
  • Status of courses started and courses completed
  • Course grades

To complete this task:

  1. In the Veracode Platform, go to Security Training > My Team's Courses.

  2. Select Generate New Report. When you return to the My Team's Courses page, a link to download the report becomes available and shows the date on which you generated the report.

  3. Select the link to download the report in XLSX format. The progress report indicates an error condition in this scenario:

    • You enabled Learner Levels.
    • A technical issue prevents the Veracode Platform from including the Learner Level Summary for some learners.