Create a New User in the Veracode Platform

Veracode Administration

You create a new user on the Administration page in the Veracode Platform. The account type can be a user account or API service account.

If you want to create multiple user accounts in a single bulk operation, use the API, as explained in API Wrapper Examples: Create Multiple Users.To create a user in the Veracode Platform:
Note: A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

You can also create a user account or API service account with the Veracode Identity APIs.

  1. On the Users tab, click Add New User.
  2. In the Login Settings section, enter the required information and select from these optional settings:
    API Service Account
    Select the Non-Human User checkbox and enter a username if you want the account type to be an API service account. Leave the checkbox cleared if you want the account type to be a user account (default).
    Requires MFA
    Select Yes to require multifactor authentication (MFA) during login. Default is No.
    Login Enabled
    Select Yes to enable logins for the user, or No to disable logins. Default is Yes.
    Restrict Login IP
    Select Yes and enter a comma-separated list of allowed IP addresses to restrict the IP range for the user login. Default is No.
  3. In the Access Settings section, configure these options:
    Team Memberships
    Click Select Teams and, then, select the name of one or more teams to which to add the user. For an API service account, you can select whether to restrict the user to the selected teams.
    User Roles
    Select the checkbox next to each user role or API role, depending on the account type, to assign to the user.
    Note: Assigning the eLearning role has special implications.
    Allowed Scan Types
    This field opens depending on which checkbox you select for User Roles. You can select to allow the user to submit all scan types or restrict the user to specific scan types.
  4. In the Metadata section, enter a custom metadata value if there is additional metadata you want to import from the application profile.
    These metadata fields are visible in the eLearning Account Report. You can use these reports to aggregate eLearning statistics by different values that may be unique to your organization.
  5. Click Save to create the user.
New users receive an email from Veracode, which contains a one-time activation link to activate their account and links to videos with more information about the Veracode Platform. After clicking the activation link, Veracode takes the user to the Veracode Platform to set a password and password recovery question. The link in this email is valid for seven days.