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Create a Security Labs campaign

You can create a campaign that contains one or more lab assignments and automatically assign the campaign to one or more roles.

Before you begin:

You must be a Security Labs administrator or manager to create campaigns.

To complete this task:

  1. Select your username in the top-right corner of the Security Labs page to open the menu.

  2. Select Assign Content.

  3. On the Assign content through campaigns page, select Create new campaign. The Create New Campaign window opens.

  4. Enter a name for the new campaign and select the roles you want to complete this new campaign.

  5. Select to assign the content manually or to use the wizard to assign content automatically. Veracode recommends you use the automatic option.

  6. Select Next.

  7. In the Select language section, select the icons for the languages you want in the assignment, or select the Select all checkbox to add all languages.

  8. From the Select Schedule dropdown menu, select the frequency of the labs.

  9. From the Select Focus dropdown menu, select the area or level for the labs.

  10. Select Next.

  11. In the campaign summary window, set the start date and time. If applicable, set an end date and time. If you selected Quarterly Deadlines for a Year or Monthly Topics for a Year from the Select Schedule menu, the End date dropdown selection is not available.

  12. Select if you want to allow users to take labs after the end date and if you want Veracode to notify users when the assigned campaign begins.

  13. If using Competition mode, select how to evaluate competitions:

    • Compete by User: evaluate users, identified by their usernames.
    • Compete by Role: evaluate users, identified by their assigned roles. Users compete against other users who have the same role.
  14. Select Create.

  15. In the Create campaign window, select if you want to launch the campaign immediately or leave it inactive (paused).

  16. Select Create. The new campaign appears in the list of campaigns as either live or paused.

Next steps:

To start a paused campaign, select Launch campaign.