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Manually create a Security Labs campaign

You can manually create a campaign that contains one or more lab assignments. You can assign a campaign to one or more roles.

Before you begin:

You must be a Security Labs administrator or manager to create campaigns.

To complete this task:

  1. Select your username in the top-right corner of the Security Labs page to open the menu.
  2. Select Assign Content.
  3. On the Assign content through campaigns page, select Create new campaign. The Create New Campaign window opens.
  4. Enter a name for the new campaign and select the roles to which to assign the campaign.
  5. Select Manually > Create. The campaign displays in the list of current campaigns with the Paused status.
  6. Select the campaign name or scroll down to view campaign details.
  7. In the Select language field, select the icons to select the languages you want in the assignment. The icons in yellow represent the languages you selected.
  8. In the Continuous Schedule field, set the switch to Continuous Schedule On if you want the campaign to automatically forward a user from a completed assignment to the first lab in the next assignment.
  9. In the Competition mode field, set the switch to Competition mode if you want to make this campaign a timed campaign, based on the end date of the last assignment in the campaign. For more information, see Using Teams and Leaderboards in Security Labs.
  10. In the campaign deadlines field, set the switch to Allow late access if you do not want to enforce a time limit for completing the campaign.
  11. In the prior completion field, set the switch to Accept Prior Completion if you want to count lessons completed before the campaign start date.
  12. Select Add an assignment.
  13. In the assignment title field, enter the name for the assignment and select Update assigned content. The Assign content window opens, listing all the available labs for the languages you selected.
  14. In the list of labs, select Assign lab to indicate the labs you want in the assignment. Select Make optional if the labs are not mandatory.
  15. Select Add content.
  16. Enter the date and time you want the assignment time frame to begin.
  17. In the Due date (UTC) field, select None, Fixed, or Relative. If you select Relative, enter the number of days, weeks, or months from the date when you assigned the labs to the users.
  18. Select the checkbox if you want Veracode to notify your users by email when the assignment time frame begins.
  19. Select Add a notification and enter the information you want in the additional reminder, including the time and date you want to send the reminder.
  20. Select Save.
  21. To create additional assignments for the campaign, scroll up and select Add an assignment. Repeat steps 10-19.

Next steps:

When you finish creating assignments, scroll up and select Launch campaign.