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Generate API credentials

You must generate Veracode API credentials before you can use the APIs and some integrations.

If you use single sign-on with SAML, you can use the ID and key credentials instead of having to use a separate Veracode Platform API service account to access the APIs.

You can also generate Veracode API credentials with the Identity API.

To complete this task:

  1. Sign in to the Veracode Platform.
  2. From the user account dropdown menu, select API Credentials.
  3. Click Generate API Credentials.
  4. Copy the ID and secret key to a secure place. Veracode recommends storing your credentials in an API credentials file.

You can only see these credentials this one time. You have the choice of setting them as environment variables or putting them in a credentials file. When you leave this page you cannot review your current credentials. The creation of new credentials revokes any old credentials after 24 hours. You can always revoke API credentials, if necessary. The credentials expire in one calendar year. If you want to extend the credentials beyond the expiration date, contact Veracode Technical Support at [email protected].

After you create Veracode API credentials, you can use these credentials to automatically log in to Veracode APIs and plugins without using a separate API service account to be able to access the APIs.