Configure Multifactor Authentication for Your New User Account

Getting Started with Veracode

If your administrator configured your account to require multifactor authentication, you must set up your authentication method the first time you log in to the Veracode Platform.

You must have an activated account that requires multifactor authentication.

To set up your authentication method:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your username and password.
    Note: Your username is most likely your email address.
  3. Click Log in.
  4. Click Setup under your authentication method.

    multifactor authentication setup screen
    You can use the Google Authenticator option for any TOTP-compliant authentication application, such as Duo Mobile.
  5. Complete the additional steps for your authentication method:
    • If you select Google Authenticator, select your mobile device type and follow the authentication instructions.
    • If you select Security Key or Built-in Authenticator, click Enroll and, then, insert the USB key or initiate the built-in authenticator setup.
You must enter a code for the selected authentication method every time you log in to the Veracode Platform.