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Managing notifications

Using the notification settings of your Veracode Platform account, you can subscribe to or unsubscribe from specific notifications based on scan type and policy event.

By default, you receive all scan status notifications relevant to your role and team membership, but you do not receive notifications about policy events.

If you have the Administrator role, you can turn off all optional notifications for your organization by default.

To complete this task:

  1. Select Notification Settings from the bell menu notifications icon.
  2. In the Scan Status section, click the Email switch to turn off scan status emails for a specific scan type.
  3. If you have notifications for static sandbox scans enabled, choose to receive notifications about all sandboxes or only the sandboxes you created.
  4. In the Static Policy section, click the Email switch to turn on emails for specific events that impact your policies.

Next steps:

For more information about the content of the notifications, see the list of optional scan and policy emails.

For instructions on how to configure notifications about Veracode news, see Subscribe to Veracode news notifications.