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Configure ISM Endpoint Access

You can make your endpoints accessible to Veracode for security scanning and to receive technical support. By default, scan access is enabled and Veracode support engineer access is disabled.

To complete this task:

  1. From the gear icon menu at the top of the Veracode Platform, click Internal Scanning Management.

  2. Click the name of the gateway for which you want to edit the endpoint access.

  3. In the Endpoints table, open the Actions menu for the endpoint you want to update and click Manage Access.

  4. Click Scan Access to enable or disable Veracode scan access to your endpoint.


    Disabling scan access while scans are in progress terminates those scans.

  5. Click Veracode Support Engineer Access to enable or disable Veracode support engineer access to your endpoint.


    Disabling Veracode support engineer access while engineers are providing support interrupts that support.

  6. If you enable Veracode support engineer access, select the access window. You can enable access for a specific number of days, up to 30, or enable it indefinitely.

  7. Click Save.