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Upload and scan an application from Bamboo

The Veracode Bamboo Integration enables you to submit applications from your Bamboo environment to Veracode using the Veracode Java API wrapper. In a new or existing job, you add a task that calls the Java API wrapper to upload and scan your application.

Before you begin:

Ensure you have met the prerequisites.

To complete this task:

  1. Open Bamboo and navigate to the plan you created for your application.

  2. Select a job.

  3. Select the Tasks tab.

  4. On the Tasks page, select Add task.

  5. For the task type, select Builder > Command. If you want to use the Java API wrapper Docker image, create a Docker task.

  6. In the Task description field, explain that this task uploads the application to Veracode.

  7. From the Executable dropdown menu, select Java. For a Docker task, from the Command dropdown menu, select Build a Docker image.

  8. In the Argument field, enter a command with the following parameters. For the Docker settings, use the example scripts.

    • vid: Veracode API ID.
    • vkey: Veracode API key.
    • action: name of the action to perform. Enter uploadandscan.
    • appname: name of an existing application profile you want to use for your application.
    • createprofile: optional. Create a new application profile for your application.
    • createsandbox: optional. Create a sandbox for this application.
    • sandboxname: optional. Name of the sandbox in which you want the scan to build.
    • filepath: filepath of the files you want to upload to Veracode for scanning. By default, Veracode uploads all the subdirectories and files of this filepath.
    • version: name or version of the build you want to scan.

    Example command for the Argument field in a Command task:

    -jar C:\{JavaWrapper_HomeFolder}\vosp-api-wrapper-java{version}.jar -vid ${bamboo.vid} -vkey ${bamboo.vkey} -action uploadandscan
    -appname {Your_Application_Name} -createprofile true -createsandbox true -sandboxname ${bamboo.shortPlanName} -filepath
    ${}/*.{FileExtensionForCompiledApplication} -version ${bamboo.buildNumber}
  9. Review the configuration, then select Save.