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Assign Learners to a Curriculum

You can enroll one or more learners in a curriculum. After you enroll learners, the courses become available and Veracode eLearning managers and learners can access the courses in that curriculum.

To complete this task:

  1. From the gear icon at the top of the Veracode Platform page, go to Admin > eLearning > Settings and Curricula.

    The eLearning Curricula section lists the name and details for each curriculum.

  2. Click the Assign Curriculum icon.

    The Assign Learners page opens, showing all available learners in the table on the left.

  3. To filter the list of learners, search learners by name, manager, or team.

  4. Click the plus + icon to assign the selected learner to the curriculum.

    Click Add All to select all learners and assign the curriculum to the learners.

    As you add learners, their names move to the Assigned To section.

  5. Click Assign.

  6. To remove learners from the curriculum assignment, click the minus - icon next to their names. To remove all the learners from the curriculum assignment, click Remove All.

Next steps:

Repeat this task to assign learners to additional curricula.