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Contact Veracode Technical Support in the Veracode Platform

If you experience a major issue or error that affects your ability to complete tasks in the Veracode Platform, you can create a ticket so that Veracode can assist you.

To complete this task:

  1. To create a support ticket, from the footer on any page on the Veracode Platform, select Contact Support. The New Support Case page opens, where you can enter details about your issue.
  2. For Name, enter your name.
  3. For Company, enter the name of your company.
  4. For Product Line, select the product category that best relates to your issue. If your category is not listed, select Other, and enter the product name that best relates to your issue.
  5. For Issue Summary, enter a sentence stating your problem.
  6. For Description, enter details about your problem, such as scan specifics, flaws, APIs, or plugins. To provide screenshots of your issue, reply to the conformation message you receive from Veracode, and attach your files to the message.
  7. Click Create. Veracode creates a support case for your issue and sends you a confirmation email.