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DAST Essentials scan errors

The following section explains the scan errors you might encounter while using DAST Essentials, what they mean, and how to troubleshoot them.

General error codes

Error CodeDescriptionWhat To Do
General ErrorUnfortunately, the scanner ran into an error, and cannot determine what happened.Restart the scan. If the error continues to occur, contact Veracode Technical Support.
Container FailedThis is an internal error. It means that the scanner failed but did not report the error for unknown reasons.Restart the scan. If the error continues to occur, contact Veracode Technical Support.
Too many redirectsThe scanner is allowed to redirect only ten times in a row. Once this amount is surpassed, the scanner cannot go through the redirection again.Ensure there is no Infinite redirect loop. If it is not clear which URL redirects, contact Veracode Technical Support.

The scanner cannot reach the application

Error codeDescriptionResolution
URL not reachable / application not reachableThe scanner could not access the web application you are trying to scan.Confirm that the required IP addresses are on your allowlist and that the application is reachable.
Connection TimeoutOne or more connection timeouts related to the application you are trying to scan.
  1. Ensure that it is configured in a stable staging environment that the scanner can access. If the load is too high for the system, you can reduce the throttling limit in the target configuration.
  2. Check if the required IP addresses are on your allowlist.
Connection FailedCould not establish a reliable connection with the Scan Target, or the connection dropped throughout the scan.
  1. Ensure that the required IP addresses are on your allowlist, and the application is reachable for an external scanner.
  2. Reduce the throttling limit for the frontend in the target configuration.

Log in problems

Error codeDescriptionResolution
HTTP Basic Auth MissingYour system is using HTTP basic auth protection. However, the scanner has no credentials configured within the target configuration.Configure the system authentication parameters and restart the scan.
HTTP Basic Auth failedThe scanner tried to use the provided HTTP basic auth credentials. However, the Log-In was not successful. This can be due to several reasons:
  • Wrong credentials
  • The scanner cannot access the system.
  1. Ensure that the credentials you submitted are still valid.
  2. For this, ensure it is reachable from the outside.
  3. Restart the scan.
If the error persists, contact Veracode Technical Support.

API problems

Error codeDescriptionResolution
URL MismatchThe project URL from the frontend and the scanned URL from the Swagger file does not match.
  1. Ensure that the target URL and the API specification file URL are the same.
  2. For OpenAPIs, the API specification file only recognizes the first URL.
API Specification parsing failedWhile trying to parse the API specification, the scanner detected that it does not follow the Swagger 2.0 or OpenAPI 3.0 standard.
  1. Ensure the API specification follows the OpenAPI 3.0 or Swagger 2.0 standard.
  2. Restart the scan.