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The call downloads a PDF file of the scan results for the specified build of a third-party application.

Before using this API, Veracode strongly recommends that you read API usage and access guidelines. Ensure you access the APIs with the domain for your region.

Resource URL


IntegerApplication or sandbox build ID.

HTTPie example

Examples use the HTTPie command-line tool.

http --auth-type=veracode_hmac -o thirdpartyreport.pdf "" "build_id==<build id>"

HTTPie results

The call returns the thirdpartyreport_<app_name>_<build_id> PDF format of the scan results of a third-party application.

Java wrapper example

java -jar vosp-api-wrapper-java{version}.jar -vid <Veracode API ID> -vkey <Veracode API Key> -action thirdpartyreport -buildid <build id> -format pdf -outputfilepath c:\javawrappers\thirdpartyreport.pdf

C# wrapper example

VeracodeC#API -vid <Veracode API ID> -vkey <Veracode API Key> -action thirdpartyreport -buildid <build id> -format pdf -outputfilepath c:\csharpwrappers\thirdreport.pdf

API wrapper results

To get the same result as using an API wrapper, you use the following parameters:

  • -action thirdpartyreport
  • -format pdf

The call returns the scan results of a third-party application as a PDF with filename thirdpartyreport_<app_name>_<build_id>.pdf.