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ISM diagnostic tool parameters

You can set your preferred parameters for the Veracode Internal Scanning Management (ISM) endpoint diagnostic tool in your file to avoid having to set them every time you run a test.

This table describes the parameters you can define for diagnosing ISM connection issues.

diagnosticUrlDestination URL that you want to scan with Veracode Dynamic Analysis.
diagnosticTunnelBatchSizeKBSize, in kilobytes, of the data package sent to the Veracode gateway. Default is 1000.
diagnosticTunnelBatchCountNumber of times the endpoint resends the test data to the Veracode gateway. Default is 10.
diagnosticUrlBatchCountNumber of times the endpoint attempts to connect to the destination URL. Default is 10.

This example file includes all the diagnostic tool parameters:

#application key
token = $TOKEN$
#gateway host name
gateway = $GATEWAY$
websocketProtocol = wss
wsendpoint = /wsendpoint
socketConnectionTimeoutMs = 5000
socketReadTimeoutMs = 5000
diagnosticUrl =
diagnosticTunnelBatchSizeKB = 500
diagnosticTunnelBatchCount = 5
diagnosticUrlBatchCount = 5