IDE and Pipeline Scans Explore Data Dictionary


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These definitions describe the dimensions and measures used on the IDE and Pipeline Scans explore in Veracode Analytics.

IDE and Pipeline Scans Dimensions

Dimension Description
Account Name The account name provided in the Veracode Platform.
IDE The development environment in which the scan ran.
IDE Version The version of the IDE where the scan started. If empty, it was an API scan.
OS The operating system of the IDE that the user is using.
Plugin Version The version of the Veracode IDE scan plugin or Pipeline Scan JAR file.
Project Name Optional field for the name of the project containing the scanned files, where applicable.
Project Reference Optional field for the source control reference, revision, or branch of the development project.
Project URI Optional field for the URI of the development project.
Results Size (MB) The size of the JSON results file (MB).
Scan End Date The date and time the scan completed. Possible values are date, month, month name, quarter, time, week, and year.
Scan Language The language of the files to be scanned.
Scan Start Date The date and time the scan started. Possible values are date, month, month name, quarter, time, week, and year.
Scan Status The status of the scan.
Scan Type How the scan was submitted. Active = User-Initiated IDE Scan, Passive = Auto-Initiated IDE Scan, API = Pipeline Scan API, DevOps = Pipeline Scan Pre-Release, Pipeline = Pipeline Scan.
User Email The email address of the user who submitted the scan.
User Timeout User-defined value for the number of seconds to wait before a scan times out. This field only populates if you provide a value.

IDE and Pipeline Scans Measures

Measure Description
Scan Counts The total count of unique scans.
User Counts The count of distinct users.