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The call returns a list of the Veracode accounts in your organization.

Before using this API, Veracode strongly recommends that you read API usage and access guidelines. Ensure you access the APIs with the domain for your region.

REST API equivalent

The REST API equivalent of this call is a GET to /api/authn/v2/users using the Identity API. Veracode strongly recommends that you use the REST API for this action. For new integrations, always use the REST APIs.

Resource URL


An API service account requires the Admin API role to use this call. A user account requires the Administrator role to use this call.


There are no required parameters. Use the following parameters to filter the list:

first_nameStringFirst name of the user.
last_nameStringLast name of the user.
custom_idStringRequired for SAML users. The SAML Subject field value from the user account.
email_addressStringEmail address for the user.
login_account_typeStringSpecify user or api.
phoneStringContact phone number for the user.
teamsStringComma-separated list of teams. This filter returns users matching all the listed team names.
rolesString (case-sensitive)Comma-separated list of roles. You can filter on these user account roles:
  • Administrator
  • Creator
  • eLearning
  • Executive
  • Mitigation Approver
  • Policy Administrator
  • Reviewer
  • Security Insights
  • Security Lead
  • Submitter
This filter only returns users that match all the listed roles. You can apply scan permissions to these types of scans: Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Discovery, manual, and Dynamic Analysis.
is_saml_userBooleanSpecifies if the user has a SAML login.
login_enabledBooleanSpecifies if the user can log in.
requires_tokenBooleanSpecifies whether a user must provide a two-factor authentication token.
is_elearning_managerBooleanSpecifies if the user is an Veracode eLearning manager.
elearning_managerStringFirst and last name (not the username) of the Veracode eLearning manager. For example, Mary Doe.
elearning_trackStringVeracode eLearning track name.
elearning_curriculumStringVeracode eLearning curriculum name.
keep_elearning_activeBooleanSpecifies whether the Veracode eLearning subscription rolls over at renewal.
custom_oneStringCustom field.
custom_twoStringCustom field.
custom_threeStringCustom field.
custom_fourStringCustom field.
custom_fiveStringCustom field.

HTTPie example

Examples use the HTTPie command-line tool.

http --auth-type=veracode_hmac -o userlist.xml "" "login_enabled==true" "roles==Creator,Submitter"

HTTPie results

The call returns a comma-separated list of usernames in the userlist XML document, which references the userlist.xsd schema file. You can use the XSD schema file to validate the XML data.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<userlist xmlns:xsi="http&#x3a;&#x2f;&#x2f;;2001&#x2f;XMLSchema-instance"
https&#x3a;&#x2f;&#x2f;;resource&#x2f;3.0&#x2f;userlist.xsd" userlist_version="3.0"
account_id="<account id"><filters/>
<users usernames="aswallowtail&#x40;,lpieris&#x40;,sviceroy&#x40;,