Reviewing the Veracode Default Policies

Application Security Policies

Application Security Policies
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Veracode provides default policies to make it easier for organizations to begin measuring their applications against policies. There are these two sets of default policies:

  • Veracode Transitional Policies: the default policies for all organizations and which are designed to set a minimum level for those initially adopting Veracode for application security programs.

  • Veracode Recommended Policies: the best practice recommendation based on Veracode Levels.

Veracode Transitional Policies

Veracode Transitional Policies are assigned to all of your applications by default and are the default policies for newly created applications. The policies emphasize performing an initial scan to establish the baseline quality of an application, and use the Veracode score (numeric score 1-100) as a progressive quality gate.

Note: The transitional policies do not take advantage of the remediation grace period feature. With no grace period, the transitional policy functions like the existing Veracode rating system, where the score is effective as soon as the application is published.

Policy Name Target VL Minimum Score Scan Requirement Grace Period
Veracode Transitional Very High VL1 90 Any (Once) 0
Veracode Transitional High VL1 80 Any (Once) 0
Veracode Transitional Medium VL1 70 Any (Once) 0
Veracode Transitional Low VL1 60 Any (Once) 0
Veracode Transitional Very Low VL1 50 Any (Once) 0

Veracode Recommended Policies

Veracode Recommended Policies are based on the Veracode Level definitions. They are an option when you are ready to move beyond the initial requirements set by the Veracode Transitional Policies.

Policy Name Target VL Flaw Severities Minimum Score Scan Requirement Grace Period
Veracode Recommended Very High VL5 No Medium or above 90 Static (quarterly)
Manual (annually)
Veracode Recommended High VL4 No Medium or above 80 Static (quarterly) 0
Veracode Recommended Medium VL3 No High or above 70 Static (quarterly) 0
Veracode Recommended Low VL2 No Very High or above 60 Any (semi-annually) 0
Veracode Recommended Very Low VL1     Any (once) 0
Veracode Recommended Mobile Policy       Static (quarterly) 0