Create a Dynamic Analysis of a Single URL with Prescan Verification

Veracode APIs

Use this code to submit a Dynamic Analysis with prescan verification.

To be able to run a prescan verification before the Dynamic Analysis, you must allow two hours for the prescan to complete before you schedule the analysis to begin.

To create an analysis of a URL with prescan verification, make a POST call to

The run_verification=true query parameter specifies that the prescan run when the POST call creates the analysis.

If your prescan verification fails, the Dynamic Analysis also fails.

This is an example of a Dynamic Analysis for a single URL with prescan:

  "name": "Veracode API Analysis Prescan",
  "scans": [
      "scan_config_request": {
        "target_url": {
          "url": ""
  "schedule": {
    "start_date": "2020-02-27T02:00+00:00",
    "duration": {
      "length": 3,
      "unit": "DAY"
You can call GET /analyses to see the status of your analyses.