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DAST Essentials scan statuses

The following table describes the scan status on the details page in DAST Essentials, including the different errors.

StatusDescriptionMore details
Scan OverviewIt shows if a significant number of scans were performed and the number of failed and stopped scans.
  • Successful Scans
  • Failed Scans
  • Stopped Scans
InformationThis part shows if the scan runs successfully or not and if any findings were detected.The possible options are explained below:
Scan Status IconsThe current status of each scanner is shown in symbol language.The meaning of symbols:
  • Pause Icon - scanner is waiting on another scanner
  • Green Tick - Scanner ran through correctly
  • Red Exclamation mark - There was an error with the scanner.
  • Yellow spinning circle - Scanner currently working/running.
  • Stop Icon - Scanner / Crawler was stopped by the user
StatusThis part demonstrates the status of each scan based on the number of running scanners.Meaning of the numerical data:
  • Finished - All scans ran successfully
  • Stopped (5/50) - 5 Scans were not completed out of 50 in total
  • Error Occurred (1/313) - 1 scanner out of 313 failed
  • Not started - Scanner was not started
Attack VectorsThis part demonstrates the numerical results of finished and total attack vectors.(finished / total)
  • The first number shows how many jobs of the scanner were finished
  • The second number shows how many there are in total