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How to set the Privilege Escalation scanner

This is a 3-step guide to set up the Crashtest Security privilege escalation scanner for your scan target. To scan your target for possible privilege escalation vulnerabilities, you will need to take a few steps and set the preferences of your scan target accordingly.

It is essential to know that the privilege escalation scanner is currently in its beta version, and as such, it is not turned on by default. While in beta, you must apply the necessary to your scan target. Here is how.

Step 1: Select Preferences on Your Scan Target


Step 2: Select Scanner and the Privilege Escalation Checkbox


Now, your following full scan will also check for privilege escalation vulnerabilities. Before you select Start, there are more settings you need to configure.

Step 3: Add User Profiles with Different Privileges

You need to set the parameters for the privilege escalation scanner. First, you should have the Admin rights profile set at least. It would be best to create those to check for other profiles with different user rights.

Privilege Escalation Add Profile

Your privilege escalation scanner settings are all ready to be used. You can return to your dashboard and click Start on your scan target.