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Veracode eLearning

Veracode eLearning consists of course-based training that helps developers gain the critical skills they need to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Veracode eLearning includes:

The Veracode Platform provides online training modules for developers, managers, and security personnel that are integrated directly into the Veracode Platform. These courses enable organizations to meet formal security training and competency testing requirements. The Veracode Platform enables organizations to continuously improve their skills through targeted online courses and a security knowledge base. As a learner, you can take courses at your own pace. The Veracode Platform provides dashboards and usage-metric reports that document the courses you have completed and the competency testing results.

An organization can purchase an eLearning subscription and indicate the number of seats learners use to access course tracks. That subscription remains active for a specified period, as determined by the terms of the subscription with Veracode. An organization can purchase another subscription from Veracode that becomes active when the current subscription ends.

Veracode also provides eLearning APIs. These APIs allow you to view information about courses, learners, and learner progress.