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About the Veracode eLearning Knowledge Base

The Veracode eLearning Knowledge Base is a centralized collection of information about security vulnerabilities, and techniques you can use to prevent vulnerabilities. You can also view the CWE information for each flaw category and suggested Veracode eLearning courses you can take to learn more about security practices. On the Veracode eLearning Knowledge Base, you can view flaw category information on topics including:

  • Authorization Issues
  • Coding Standards
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Deployment Configuration
  • Server Configuration
  • SQL Injection

To access the Veracode eLearning Knowledge Base, select the Browse the Knowledge link at the top of the screen on any eLearning page. You can access content by selecting a Flaw Category. You can also filter on Policy Standards, or search by CWE ID or CWE Name.