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About eLearning global settings

To access the eLearning page, select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Veracode Platform page, then select Admin. Select the eLearning tab. The eLearning page opens, showing the global settings.


The eLearning tab appears on the Veracode Platform Administration page only if you have an eLearning license.

The top portion shows details about subscriptions. The lower portion of the eLearning Administration page contains three tabs for accessing different settings:


  • Shows the learners and their status, including courses accessed, track and curriculum assignments, curriculum due dates, and compliance reset periods. This page shows only users who have the eLearning role.
  • You can apply filters to refine the list of learners.
  • To modify the settings for an individual learner, select the edit icon at the end of the row for that learner.

eLearning Managers

Lists all eLearning managers. You can also:

  • Create a new eLearning manager.
  • Assign a learner to a manager.
  • Remove a learner from a manager.

Settings and Curricula

  • Shows course availability. You can also enable or disable learner levels.
  • In the eLearning Curricula section, you can create, view, and modify curricula.