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PhoneGap/Cordova packaging

Your PhoneGap/Cordova applications must meet specific compilation requirements before you can submit them for scanning.

See Supported languages and platforms for instructions for other platforms.

Required files

Veracode requires your Adobe PhoneGap/Apache Cordova application to be a compiled iOS archive (IPA) or Android package (APK). Compiling your application in one of these formats produces a scannable module for the JavaScript and for the native component, which can be Android or iOS. Ensure that you select the JavaScript module, and, if you have native plugins, the native module.

If you have native plugins for both platforms, you can upload Android and iOS packages, but you should only select a single JavaScript module.

Supported PhoneGap/Cordova versions

JavaScript/PhoneGapAndroid, iOS1.0 and later

Packaging guidance

Veracode strongly recommends that you submit applications that have not been processed with a JavaScript minifier or obfuscation tool. Minified JavaScript can increase the difficulty in reviewing flaw results because line-number information can become obscured.