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Using an API credentials file with the API wrappers

You can use an API credentials file to provide your API credentials to the Veracode API wrappers.

By default, the Veracode API wrappers expect an API credentials file. After you configure a credentials file, when you run a command, the API wrappers use the API credentials in the file. You do not need to specify your credentials at the command line.

If your API credentials file contains more than one API ID/key pair, the API wrappers use the API credentials with the profile name [default]:

veracode_api_key_id = Your API ID
veracode_api_key_secret = Your API key

If the credentials file does not contain a [default] profile, or the credentials file is empty, you see an error when you run a command.

To specify a profile name at the command line, you can use the -credprofile parameter. For example:

java -jar vosp-api-wrappers-java-<version #>.jar -credprofile [MyProfile1] -action createapp -appname <application name> -criticality veryhigh

Your command must not include both the credprofile parameter and the vid/vkey parameters or you see an error.