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Simple actions in the API wrappers

A simple action is a single call to one of the XML APIs. Where noted, some of the REST APIs are also supported.


The Veracode XML APIs and the wrappers use a different syntax. For the wrappers, the parameter names omit the underscores, the parameter values omit spaces, and some parameters use different names. For example, the parameter app_id in the API is appid in the wrapper and the parameter value Very High in the API is VeryHigh in the wrapper. The parameter business_criticality in the API is criticality in the wrapper. The syntax is not interchangeable and using the wrong syntax causes your command to fail. To ensure you are using the correct syntax, see the documentation provided in the Help directory for each wrapper.

You can use the Veracode API wrappers to perform these simple actions:

Upload actions

Results actions


To access the detailedreportpdf, summaryreportpdf, or thirdpartyreportpdf endpoints through the wrapper, you must call, or, using the -format pdf parameter.

Admin actions


Veracode has deprecated the Admin XML API for user and team management. Veracode strongly recommends that you update your automations to use the Identity REST API.

The following actions use the Identity REST API. To use these actions, include the -rest parameter in your request. For example, -action -rest createuser. If you do not include the -rest parameter, the wrapper calls the equivalent Admin XML API action. All existing parameters are supported.

The following actions are only available with the Admin XML API:

Sandbox actions

VAST actions

Mitigation actions

Archer actions

Flaw report actions