Understanding Greenlight Technical Requirements for Eclipse

Veracode Greenlight

Veracode Greenlight is designed to scan a file or small package. For this reason, initiating a scan at the project level is restricted. For project-level scans, use Veracode Static Analysis.

Veracode Greenlight supports Java and the Java platforms and frameworks listed in theCompilation Instructions for Java.

Veracode Greenlight can scan:
  • Java files and packages that compile correctly in Java projects.
  • JavaScript embedded in these file types: ASP, CSS, EHTML, ES, ES6, HANDLEBARS, HBS, HJS, HTM, HTML, JS, JSX, JSON, JSP, MAP, MUSTACHE, PHP, TS, TSX, XHTML.
  • Java Server Page (JSP) files and folders that contain JSP files.
  • Non-minified1 JavaScript files and folders containing JavaScript files in JavaScript projects.

Veracode Greenlight uses these two certificates that are signed by a certificate authority: downloads.veracode.com and api.veracode.com.

Note: The Veracode Greenlight plugin has minimal impact to your local system. If your environment is outside of the above requirements and you are interested in the Veracode Greenlight plugin, email [email protected] regarding your interest, your IDE tools, IDE version, and programming languages you use in your job.
1 Non-minified code has not had unnecessary characters such as white space, new lines, comments, and block delimiters removed.