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Understanding Veracode SCA workspaces

You can create workspaces to separate and manage project scan data. Each workspace can include multiple Veracode Software Composition Analysis agents that perform scans on your code projects and display the results in the workspace to which they belong. You can store scan data in different workspaces and control user access to that data based on the workspaces to which a user belongs.

On the Workspace Portfolio page, you can search for a library, vulnerability, or license and drill down into the workspaces and projects that include the items in your search. If you click a workspace name, you see the issues associated with the workspace, including details such as the median resolution time and a breakdown of the issues by severity.

You can create workspaces and use them to collaborate with team members. You can also use the automatically created My Workspace to perform quick scans and review scan data on your own.


Within each organization are individual users. These users are not added into any workspaces by default. You must add them to a workspace before they can get results in Veracode SCA agent-based scans.


Creators of an organization are Administrators, by default, and are a member of every workspace within the organization. Administrators can add users to a workspace and manage the organization.