Understanding the Agent-Based Scan Language Support Matrix

Veracode Software Composition Analysis

This table identifies the functionality available to each language and package manager that Veracode Software Composition Analysis agents support.

Language Package Manager Quick Scan (Level 1) Full Scan (Level 2) Vulnerable Methods Scan (Level 3)
Java Maven   X X
Gradle   X X
Ant   X X
Jars X X X
Scala SBT   X  
Kotlin Maven   X X
Gradle   X X
Go Trash X X  
Glide X X  
GoVendor X X  
GoDep X X  
go get   X  
Go modules X X  
Dep X X  
Python pip   X X
Pipenv X X X
JavaScript NPM X X X
Yarn X X X
Bower X X  
Objective-C CocoaPods X X  
Swift CocoaPods X X  
Ruby Bundler X X X
PHP Composer X X  
C/C++ Make   X  
C#/.NET NuGet   X X