Updating a Development Sandbox with the REST API

Veracode APIs

This use case scenario provides the Development Sandbox REST API command and payload for updating a development sandbox.

You can use the Applications API to get the GUID for an application or development sandbox.

Use this command to update a development sandbox:
http --auth-type=veracode_hmac PUT "https://api.veracode.com/appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes/{sandboxGuid}" < input.json

For a sandbox, the custom field name must be in the range of Custom 1Custom 5.

The API passes the JSON file that you populate with the necessary values as shown in this example payload:
  "custom_fields": [
      "name": "Custom 1",
      "value": "test again"
  "name": "Sandbox 2.5",
  "auto_create": true